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What are cookies

A cookie is a small text file that is stored by the computer when a website is visited by a user. The text stores information that the site is able to read when it is consulted at a later time. Some of these cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the site, others are useful to the visitor because they can securely store, for example, the user name or language settings. The advantage of having cookies installed on your PC is that you no longer need to fill in the same information each time you visit a previously visited site.

Why does this site use cookies?

Some cookies are extremely useful because they can make navigation more pleasant for you when you visit a website that you have already visited before. If you are using the same device and browser, cookies can, for example, remember your preferences, help us understand how you use our sites and make the content displayed more relevant to your interests and needs.

This site uses third-party profiling cookies, which are cookies that are designed to create profiles of the user and are used, for example, to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the user while browsing the web.

Checking and deleting cookies

If you wish to change the way your browser uses cookies, or block or delete cookies from this Website (or any other site), you can do so by changing your browser settings.

In order to monitor cookies, most browsers allow you to accept or reject all cookies, accept only certain types or, will ask you each time if you want to save a cookie from a particular site. It is just as easy to delete cookies that have already been saved by the browser on the device.

The process for checking and deleting cookies varies depending on the browser used. To find out how to do this with a particular browser, you can use the Help function in your browser’s menu.

To restrict your browser from receiving cookies visit the following sites to understand how to prevent your device from receiving cookies (depending on which browser you use): Firefox; Internet Explorer; Google Chrome and Safari. Alternatively visit one of the following sites:; where it is explained, step by step, how to control and delete cookies in most browsers.

Types of cookies

Cookies are categorised as follows.

Session cookies

These are stored on the user’s computer for purely technical-functional needs, for the transmission of session identifiers needed to allow secure and efficient exploration of the site; they are deleted at the end of the “session” (hence the name) when the browser is closed. This type of cookie avoids the use of other IT techniques potentially prejudicial to the confidentiality of users’ browsing.

Persistent Cookies

They remain stored on the computer’s hard drive until they expire or are deleted by users/visitors. Through persistent cookies, visitors accessing the site (or any other users using the same computer) are automatically recognised on each visit. Persistent cookies fulfil many functionalities in the interest of the surfer (such as the use of the navigation language or the registration of the shopping cart when shopping online. However, persistent cookies may also be used for promotional or even dubious purposes. Visitors can set their computer’s browser to accept/reject all cookies or to display a warning whenever a cookie is proposed, in order to be able to assess whether or not to accept it. The user is entitled, however, to change the default configuration and disable cookies (i.e. block them permanently) by setting the highest level of protection.

Third Party Cookies

Cookies stored on behalf of third parties and may be either session or persistent.

Cookies used on this Website


A cookie used to manage the user session on the server. It is automatically set when entering the Website to differentiate the current visitor from other logged in users and vanishes when the browser is closed. The user is uniquely represented by a randomly generated numeric code. It does not contain or store any personal or sensitive information about the user, nor is it used to track the user and their behaviour.

The main purpose of this cookie is the functionality of the site itself (it cannot be disabled). It is also necessary to enable the safe and efficient exploration of the site.


Cookie generated by the cookie plugin that allows it to know whether a visitor has accepted the cookie policy or not. Does not contain any user identification information.

Saves the user’s preference about accepting the cookie policy (cannot be disabled).

Third Party Cookies

Google Advertising Products

Privacy Policy:

Maximum cookie lifetime: 396 Days

Purposes – Store and/or access information on a device – Create a customised ad profile – Select customised ads – Create a customised content profile – Assess ad performance – Apply market research to generate audience insights – Select basic ads – Develop and refine products – Select customised content

Special Purposes

– Ensure security, prevent fraud and debugging – Select customised content


– Match and combine offline data sources – Connect different devices